Free wifi zone


Coffee shops and cafes have turned out to be prime spots for gatherings, meetings and discussions. Added facility of internet patronizes customers to continue their visit for extended hours and frequent visits. Ultimately, customers are satisfied and results in increased profit of the cafe.

With the increasing popularity of the internet in cafes, there are sure difficulties which should be tended to. Offering public Wi-Fi without proper authentication process and activity logs can lead to congested network, high bandwidth consumption means high transfer speed and cyber crime issues. So, a dedicated solution should be deployed which offers complete user authentication process with added revenue generation options to support single or multi-location cafe networks.


There is a solution we not only offers comprehensive internet management features but also facilitates promotional and advertising features by which café-restaurant chains can market new offers to their customers and generate more revenue. Free wi-fi zone is highly cost-efficient and scalable solution offering variety of features including hotspot billing, coffee shop bandwidth management, and user authentication to meet the needs of hotels and hotspots properties.

Shopping mall & boutique hall

Very few people carried their laptops to malls, but with the increasing number of mobile devices and tablets, demand for Wi-Fi internet access in shopping malls is constantly rising. Majority of mall visitors, look for Wi-Fi access to stay connected with their friends and families. With the increasing demand from users, most of the malls have already enabled Wi-Fi internet access and others are actively enabling. Shopping malls offer free Wi-Fi and some offer complimentary 15 – 30 minutes with attractive landing pages, post which the user needs to purchase coupon.

Consumers tend to stay longer if they can use their tablets and laptops via WiFi. Of the businesses surveyed, almost 62% said that customers spent more time in their shop or facility once WiFi was introduced. Around 50% said customers spent more money, too. And if you're wondering how many implied that customers were just hanging around, taking up space and spending less (every business owner's fear), the answer is only a tiny number of business owners said customers spent less when free WiFi was available.

In a given scenario of shopping malls, there are several branded stores and thousands of people visiting the malls each day. So apart from the challenges of implementing a Wi-Fi network, shopping malls should also ensure proper internet access management and maintenance. In-order to ensure safe and secured internet access network for your network and users accessing it, network architecture needs a solution which allows only authenticated user traffic, controls bandwidth and maintains user logs.

Shopping mall wifi manage network

We provide Shopping Mall Wi-Fi access management solution comes in a robust appliance based solution in different models to suit small, medium and large networks. It is a plug-n-play solution with attractive features specially designed to enable shopping malls in offering attractive & customizable login pages, prepaid coupons, internet billing solution, bandwidth management, restricts unauthorized users and maintains complete logs of user's activity.-

Login and promotion page

  • Create Customizable Login Pages – HTTP Enabled
  • Device Based Login Pages – Mobile/Laptop
  • Location Based Captive Portal
  • Integrated with Social Media
  • User Self Registration
  • Promotions and Branding options

Account management

  • Login through client exe/web-based
  • Based on username and password


  • Based on MAC and IP address
  • Re-Authorization Functionality


  • On hours, days, data transfer

User-friendly admin interface

  • Rich look and feel of admin GUI
  • Multi-lingual GUI option
  • Frequently used options
  • Demographic Field Option
  • Comprehensive Dashboard Format
  • Easy Control & Configuration Options


  • Committed and Burstable Bandwidth
  • Individual and Shared Bandwidth Quota
  • Bandwidth Scheduling & Fair Usage Policy
  • Restrict Users Based on Data and Bandwidth

System management

  • Seamless Roaming (Wired to Wireless)
  • IP Pool Management
  • Login Once
  • Zero Configuration
  • DHCP and DNS
  • Console & Secured Access (SSH)
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Basic Firewall System
  • Data backup and restore
  • Network Management Options


  • Branding & Customizable Coupon Templates
  • Create Package & Zone wise Coupons
  • Facilitates Online Coupon Purchase
  • Instant coupon generation in printable formats
  • System generated username & passwords
  • Pin Aging – Coupons with expiry date